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When should you replace your office chairs?

We take the simple office chair as a given. We use it as a place to hang our coats, a way to move around the office and to relax when we are deep in thought. Our chair becomes a part of our daily routine. We can easily tell if another person has moved it, or worse if they have adjusted it. This activity is bound to wear down our chairs, so it's important to replace them as often as possible. People wait until the chair falls apart before ordering a replacement or, they don't consider it when redesigning their office. Here at Haywoods, we can assess when you should replace your chairs.

Guarantee vs Warranty

Many people ignore the small print, but this could be vital information about the life expectancy of your product. The guarantee or warranty may be visible on your product. What do these terms mean and what impact do they have on the chair's life expectancy?

These two types of covers are similar in essence. They both offer some cover against general wear. However, the biggest difference lies in how much they provide. You will usually need to complete a form or sign a registration document when you purchase a warranty.

A warranty is similar to an insurance policy in that it covers you for wear and tear within a certain time. However, warranty coverage can be costly. You pay either a one-off fee or a monthly charge to get more specific coverage. Chairs are purchased with a guarantee. This is a measure of their quality. It is possible to exceed the warranty by taking care of and maintaining it.

Ergonomics to Increase Productivity and Longevity

An important aspect of office chair longevity is ergonomics. Each design offers different levels of ergonomics. Some chairs have simple height adjustments while others have adjustable lumbar, height, contoured and adjustable seat pads. Other designs offer adjustable armrests, waterfall front seats, adjustable armrests and adjustable headrests. The cost of additional ergonomics is higher, but they are worth it. They will last for longer and be more comfortable for your staff, which means better productivity. Although it may be tempting to pay less for a chair, you'll end up paying more for the components.

The Difference Between Old and New

Most people wait until the chair is worn out before replacing it. You might want to be aware of signs that your chair may need replacing when you do a risk assessment for your existing chairs.

· It feels worn

· It's not as solid as it was

· It's not as comfy as it used to be

· It's hard to remember when it was purchased.

· After a day at work, your back hurts.

· You have to constant adjustment it

· The warranty or guarantee is extremely out of date

While there are no hard-and-fast rules about how often your office chair should be replaced, we know that everything has a life expectancy. It is therefore important to use office chairs and furniture as intended. Here are some things that could reduce its life expectancy:

· Cheap products

· Poor quality

· Excessive use

· Hot desking

· Exceeding the advised weight capacity for the design

You're at the right place if you are looking for office chairs that will last. Haywoods has a wide range of models that will fit any office, home office or workplace.

Sitting in a worn chair for prolonged periods of time can cause your back to compress. Pinched nerves can result in pain in your neck, back, sciatic nerve, and other areas. Why not make an appointment with our partner at JSChiropractic to see how he can help with your pains and aches? Want more information, please don't hesitate to contact either Haywoods or Joel at JSChiropractic to see how we can help you both inside and outside the office.




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